Czech Diploma Authenticity Verification

Every year, Czech universities issue around 100 000 diplomas.
There should be an easy way to verify their authenticity.

Using, you can verify authenticity of 743 022 diplomas from 31 Czech schools.

If you know a diploma ID, you can verify the authenticity of all its information, i.e. find out whether the name, year of graduation, programme of study as well as the field the person has enrolled in correspond to the information provided by the school.

Select a school to start the verification process

Legal protection of diplomas

According to the Higher Education Act (111/1998 Coll.), a diploma represents a public document.

According to Act 40/2009 Coll., Section 348, forging or editing a public document represents a crime and may even result in imprisonment. It is not only those committing forgery that are subject to legal penalties, but also those who buy or otherwise get themselves a forged document.

Information credibility

It is only the information displayed at (not that which has been printed or recorded in any other way!) that is trustworthy. Details

The service is being developed by the team of IT specialists administering Information System MU and the systems used for detecting instances of plagiarism such as, and All the schools involved in the project administer their own data and are responsible for their correctness.

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